Dynasty trade help: Hunt for 1.02

Hello clan. In a .5 PPR league, i was offered picks 1.02, 3.08, and Jamal Williams for Kareem Hunt and Spencer Ware. Would you pulled the trigger?

No, I wouldn’t do that at all. It’s not even close to me. If it was the 1.01 and you could get Barkley I might be more inclined to do it (probably not still), but for sure not the 1.02. If you could sign up for the 1.02 (or the 1.01 with Barkley) giving you Kareem Hunt production, I think you would take it in a heartbeat. You have a sure thing in Kareem Hunt production right now (obviously with Kareem Hunt), and I wouldn’t give that up for what you’re getting.

Williams is a huge unknown, and for all we know might not be the starting GB RB, the 1.02 is what it is, and the 3.08 is essentially a worthless flier pick.

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its always better to put potential names to picks. so would you rather have…

Kareem Hunt, Spencer Ware


Derrius Guice, (insert TE or QB prospect here for the 3rd round pick) and Jamal williams.

my thoughts, keep hunt and ware. Hunt is an established back who has top 10 potential every year. ware is his backup, and also is has great trade potential so he could go to a team where he could be a bigger punch in a 1, 2 punch combo of running backs. add in that he is a HAAANDCUFF and thats value.

where guice, jamal, and what ever you get in the 3rd, are all very… eh. now i dont mean guice the player is, but he could still land in a horrible spot and not be productive just because its the wrong system for him. guice has the potential to be better than hunt, but here is why that doesnt matter to me. potential. he can. but what we KNOW, is that hunt is established in his role. there is no potential, we know.

so in the end, unless they step their offer up big time, i wouldnt.

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I would do this in a heartbeat.

You gotta give more than that…what’s your reasoning

I’m considering it mostly because I don’t think Hunt is a workhorse, I just feel like it’ll be some type of 60/40 split between the 2 as Ware was pretty good when he was healthy. Taking in what you said, while it’s closer for me, I’m leaning towards staying pat at the moment.

Hey you do you. We’re just here to help you think through it :slight_smile:

You believe Hunt is 100% locked in his role? I’m worried it’ll be a time share, I mean Ware was pretty good before his injury.

Gotta agree with @swissarmyaccountant . What’s your reasoning mr contrarian? Personally i feel like it could become a time share but still, I’m leaning towards standing pat.

I do, but I want to see more reports and I want training camp to be finished. I don’t think it’s a 60/40 split or anything. I expect Ware might take the place of West and Hunt is the 20-25 touches/game guy.

yes i do. because he was already at 65% time share last year. there are only a few RBs that are TRUE workhorses. everyone else is in a timeshare. so knowing what he did with 65%, in his rookie year, yeah im super confident in hunt. can you be that confident in guice? can you look at guice and say, it does not matter where he lands. he will be the guy, it doesnt matter the scheme, team, schedule, nothing. he will be every bit as good as hunt. i cant. not saying its impossible, just saying you know what you have with hunt. he is in his role. we dont know about guice yet.

True and honestly, Guice isn’t even my fav back that I’d want, I’m a Sony Michel guy. I think I will definitely stand pat until the draft and I can at least see where these backs land.

you should watch his interview on good morning football. his run style is dominant, and the dude has the love for the game. haha it sounds like im trying to talk you out of it now, but im not lol. im a huge guice fan, and i think he will do great things. but like joe mixon, if he goes to the wrong place… you can be the most talented person in the world and still fail in the wrong environment. i just dont let my personal feelings (too much) affect how i play fantasy football.

I think he’s good, not great, and I don’t believe he’s locked into a huge workload. I think Guice is a much better player.