Dynasty Trade Help - K. Pitts

I’m in a dynasty startup, in second place with a shot to win this year… but I’ve just been offered (get) K.Pitts for (give) Antonio Brown & E. Mitchell.

My TE 1 is D. Knox, TE2 is Conklin.

I think AB is a key component if I try to win this year, and E Mitchell looks like the future RB1 in SF and could be very valuable for a few years.

Do ya’ll think Pitts is enough of a positional advantage / upgrade from D Knox to make this trade and move pieces that are key to winning this year and a potential RB1 for a few years?

For additional context, here is my WR core:

  • Tyreek Hill
  • T Lockett
  • A Brown **
  • C Claypool
  • W Fuller (IR)
  • Dyami Brown

RB Core is:

  • A Ekeler
  • C Carson (IR)
  • A Collins
  • E Mitchell **
  • Ty’son Williams
  • R Mostert (IR)
  • J Wilson (IR)
  • JK Dobbins (IR)

I personally to do not believe Pitts is currently worth both AB & Elijah Missile.

I understand it is dynasty and I want Pitts on my team for the future, but I would counter offer with an added in RB2 or WR2, meaning Pitts/RB2orWR2 for AB/E Missile.

For me personally, 1 game w/o Ridley on the field doesn’t sky rocket Pitts’ value to be worth 2 players, especially a WR2 with WR1 upside and a mid RB2.

That is just my 2 cents worth.

I just declined, thanks for the point of view. His RB2 and WR2 depth isn’t there to be of value and I feel like a favorite to win this year and need both pieces. Especially with 4 RBs on IR in this years window.

I did send him an offer for R Penny for a 2022 3rd and a 2023 2nd based on local reports that carson might be done, they are not sure he’ll recover from his stinger. We saw this with K Chancellor and C Avril who had the same injuries.

I don’t have a good read on futures value as I’m new to dynasty. Do you think locking up the starting RB for a team is worth those two picks? or should I just let that backfield fall to his roster?

I have Carson and A Collins, but if Penny becomes the lead back - those pieces become bench players.