Dynasty TRADE HELP! Kittle involved

I am being offered Lamar Jackson and 2 first round picks for George kittle.
2 QB Dynasty league (I have luck and he retired)
4pt per passing touchdown. And I have Evan Engram to back up kittle right now.

Please help my current QBs are Flacco and Arod.

I would take that since you have Engram

lol you deleted the old post with my response just to get more? :rofl:

More value for a young QB like Jackson since it’s a 2QB league, and you have a solid, young TE in Engram. Pair that with the fact that you’re getting two first rounders, I’d definitely do it.

Lol had to! But I liked your insight! !!

Thanks guys!!!

I think this person is trying to take advantage of the fact that you got screwed with Luck. Still a decent trade offer but don’t be so quick to take it. Feel confident in Engram, maybe ask for a 3rd rounder too or someone like Diontae Johnson

He has Vance dance, was hoping to get him back in return. If I can get him back I think it makes it doable and won’t be leveraged on engram