Dynasty: Trade help, loaded at WR

Hey Clan,

So I am loaded at WR and my young receivers have already shown plenty of promise. I was offered M. Evans and J. Richard for M. Williams, D. Moore and my 2020 2nd round pick. What do you think of this trade? If you wouldn’t accept this trade, how would you handle having this much WR depth?

WR: T. Hilton, J. Edelman, M. Williams, S. Watkins, A. Robinson, D. Moore, D. Pettis, C. Sutton and A.J. Brown.

RB: S. Barkley, K. Johnson, D. Freeman, R. Penny, D. Foreman, R. Burkhead, B. Snell Jr.

Thanks everyone!

I would wait to see how the season plays out an little cause there is no telling if Winston is going to be there QB all year. I wouldn’t want to give up moore or Williams. Moore will probably be #1 in Carolina and Williams will be a solid option this year.