Dynasty Trade Help ODell/JimmyG

Who wins in a superflex dynasty league

Round 2 - 2020

A Cooper
Jimmy G
Round 4 - 2020

Strong at WR
2 startable QBs, but not strong
Ave RBs

only has 3 starting QBs rostered including Jimmy
Weak at RB depth.


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Sorry just want to clarify, the picks listed underneath each team, are those the picks that team will receive, or give up? Like if you are team A, are you trading odell, gurley, and a second rounder for cooper, jimmy, and a 4th rounder?

If that is indeed the case, i personally absolutely wouldn’t do it. This rookie class in particular has solid depth well through the second round of the draft, where the fourth rounder is most likely useless unless you strike gold.

Dallas has a strong crew of WR’s, i’m personally a cooper owner in my dynasty league and despite getting paid the Lamb pick really made me worry that it will become a more even spread of targets between cooper, gallup, and now lamb. Gurley may be past his prime but will likely hold a starting job a few more years, and Odell will either have a breakout year or get shipped out by next season. Stick with what you have and keep building, Jimmy G hasn’t shown that he’s a top 10 QB and isn’t worth building a team around.

My 2 cents anyways!

Yes. Teams receive the pick under their name. So team A gets a second round along with ODell and Gurley.

Okay. I lean the same. I know qbs are valued much higher in superflex. But, I still lean Team A

I would want OBJ / Gurley / 2nd

I know it’s SF and QB is very important, but I think you could do something better with the players I have chosen.

I’d rather have the Team A side with Odell, Gurley and the 2020 2.

Team A wins that by a mile, doesn’t matter team format or team comp, if you are getting what Team A has I would take that in a heart beat.