Dynasty Trade Help- pick for player

Full point PPR

Have the opportunity to trade 1.09 for either Sutton or Ridley. Which one would you take and why?

Other WR: Tyreek, Godwin, Amari, Mike Williams, Ty Williams, Lazard, Slayton

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I can also get JuJu for my 1.09 and next year 2nd rounder… not really sure what to do though. Juju is talented but unproven without AB

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You’ve a great rack of WR there, so I think moving the 1.09 for a proven makes sense. I like Ridley the best here. I am not as high on Sutton as others are. I feel he is a fine talent, but I am thinking DEN offseason moves impact him more than people are thinking. I am worried about his place moving forward. Ridley has the chance to step up more this year and is in line to be a big piece in the future. Julio is not likely around much longer.

JuJu I am with you. I want to see it without AB. That said, I cannot hold 2019 against him in any way. That whole offense sucked. This year will be intersting. Giving up the 2nd might not be bad, but it does sting a bit.

I see all of these guys as WR2s going forward on average, but I see outcome ranges differently. Based on this year, and likely next, I think Sutton is a WR2 who I could see slipping to WR3. Ridley I think is a WR2 solid. JuJu is a WR2 who can hit that WR1 tier.

You are in a great way in that you do not need a true WR1. Adding any of these guys are better IMHO than the player you get at 1.09. If it were me, I would consider giving up next year’s 2nd to land JuJu. I see that as a nice swing for the fences risk. If he does not work out, you are not sunk. If he hits projections, then you are just fine. If he excels then you win.

If you are wanting to hedge a bit and not give up next year’s potential, which I totally get, I would take Ridley.

Just my two cents. I hope this helps!

I completely agree with everything you said.

My team is built for winning now but I want to add some WR depth that could potentially turn into a star or at worst a reliable backup if one of my top 3 get injured.

I also contacted the owner of DeeBo and DJ Moore to see if he would be interested in giving them up for the 1.09.

I like JuJu a lot and just trying make sure that isn’t clouding my judgement of him. I feel like the two decent picks for a proven talent is a no brainer. Especially when I’m not counting on him to be my No.1. He probably wouldn’t even be in my lineup except for bye week or injury. But neither would those two picks.

I like Ridley and DeeBo a lot too. Moore is a good player but new offense and quarterback so he would probably be my fourth option and then Sutton last.

I have the 1.05 too in this draft so I’m hopping dobbins falls to me and if not I’ll take Akers and hopefully be able to wait for him to bust out

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Of those I still think JuJu is a great get. With your updated information, I like DJM qutie a bit and would put him even with JuJu.

I just moved OBJ in the off season for JuJu. I am hesitant but interested in JuJu. I think OBJ lights it on fire this year, but I also think JJSS does just fine on his own to amazingly well. I opted to go youth.

I would not move on Deebo. I am not feeling positive on him. Rather, he is a good player and I would not mind having a share, but of all these guys he is hands down bottom of my list. Unless that is a package? If you would be getting Deebo and DJM that would be a slam dunk on 1.09 value. I would be surprised if he jumps at it but you never know!

If it were my team, I would be happy leaving with either DJM / JJSS / Ridley in that order.