Dynasty Trade Help Please! Kupp for Chase/Michel

I was offered Chase and Michel for Kupp. It’s a dynasty league 12-man standard. As the the Akers/Henderson owner do I take this?

WRs are Kupp, Chark, DJ Moore, Marshall, Elijah Moore, DPJ, Strachan, Waddle, and Hardman.

RBs are Akers, Gibson, Mixon, Henderson, CEH, Xavier, and Gus.

Chase Edmonds? Chase Claypool? Ja’Marr Chase? Chase Daniel? Chase Young?

MAYBE if it’s Claypool or Ja’Marr, but you don’t need another RB, especially not a backup RB for your best WR.

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@AxeElf sorry for the lack of clarity. It’s Ja’marr though. He’s offering Michel I think because I have the Rams RBs already.

I just got another offer in a 3-way trade though where I’d give up Edwards, Kupp, and DPJ and get Ja’marr Chase and Gaskin.

That last one sounds terrible for you.

Would you consider either of them?

No your RBs are too good and your WR depth is too thin