Dynasty trade help please!

kenyan drake and 1.04 for …
Howard and pick 1.11
Dynasty , half PPR . I would be trading away howard . Thanks guys !!

Assuming Jordan Howard? I would not make that deal.

Howard is a known quantity where as you could end up with 1 of 3 RBs, outside of Barkley, at 1.04 and their landing spots are still unknown.

I don’t believe in Drake. Gore will steal work.

Stick with Howard, he has been good for 2 years and is young. I like Drake, but his workload seems like a question mark for me.

I would do this in a heartbeat. I’d rather have Drake than Howard, and obviously the pick is better.

@DFWB It’s one think to like Drake. It’s another to like him over a proven commodity.

2016 Rush Att = 33, Rec = 9, Total Yards = 225, TD = 2
2017 Rush Att = 133, Rec = 32, Total Yards = 883, TD = 4

2016 Rush Att = 252, Rec = 29, Total Yards = 1611, TD = 7
2017 Rush Att = 276, Rec = 23, Total Yards = 1247, TD = 9

Can you explain your preference a little more?

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I’ll let PFF do some of the heavy lifting on this one, but what it comes down to is I believe he’s the significantly more talented, and versatile RB with a safer workshare. Miami drafted him in the third round and shipped Ajayi out of town largely to give Drake a shot, and looked really good with the opportunity. He also doesn’t need to come off the field on passing downs. Conversely, Howard was a later round pick of a different regime who’s already been in trade rumors this season. I’ve never thought he was a particularly special back, and he’s nothing short of a liability in the passing game. I expect to see a lot more Cohen this year than last, and wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the bears draft an RB.

It comes down to preference; but, after stat projecting Howard, I see him and Drake as equal tiers. Howard has the slightly (slightly!) better floor but limited ceiling (RB12ish) and Drake has a higher ceiling. Plus, the 1.04 gets you a legit shot at a future RB, 1.11 does not. I say take it.

IMO, I don’t see any way the Bears draft an RB (early). They are content with Howard, Cohen and Cunningham. If they draft a guy in the 6th, or 7th it will have no effect this year.

I think it’s highly possible that Miami drafts an RB. They only have Drake and signed Gore. Then there is nobody. That said, I don’t expect them to pick a top 8 RB but that player could take a few carries away.

It’s exciting that we will know very soon!!

Last point, I think Chicago is substantially the better team over Miami in both offense and defense. That typically results in more fantasy points.

My one point about whether or not the two teams draft an RB high is that the Bears were shopping Howard and Miami traded away their starter (reportedly largely to give Drake his shot), let their other backup walk, and signed a guy who is clearly best as a reliable backup at this point in his career. I’m sure they’ll add a body, because two just isn’t enough, but I’d be genuinely shocked if they take anyone in the first 3 rounds.

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