Dynasty trade help please

12 team .1 PPR dynasty. I have the 1.01, 1.04, 1.11 for this years draft and 2 first rounders next year. I have been offered Melvin Gordon for the 1.04, 1.11 and a 1st for 2019.

current RBs-J.Stew, P. Barber, Chris Carson, and Dion Lewis ( brutal I know)

fair trade?

WRs- AB, Larry Fitz, Crabtree, Cupp, Benjamin
TEs- Engram and Burton
QBs- big ben, Mahomes and Jimmy G

While this is probably fair face value for Gordon (or close to it), I’d be looking for volume of players in your position. Also, now that we’re post draft you can look at it with player names instead of picks and I wouldn’t want to trade Barkley, Chubb, and Ridley for Gordon.

Assuming you’d draft Barkley with the 1.01, that would leave you with solid depth at RB with Barkley and Gordon and the rest of your bench. I’d try to keep the 1st in '19 cause the other guy can potentially get a lot more value with 1.04 and 1.11 alone if things fall to him

Tough call…Taking Gordon for trades and Barkley with 1.01 will give you the RBs you desperately need. Your WR position could use some love but you could possibly ride the waiver wire through the yr for some assistance and come out on top. I think I would do it just to get solid RB’s on your team. Maybe rebuttle with Gordon for just the 1.04 and grab Sutton with the 1.11 this yr.

if you are questioning this trade i want you in my league and will trade with you all the time

I think Gordon for the 1.04 and 1.11 is what you should counter for.
After drafting Barkley this year, and getting Gordon, your RBs are pretty much set for the next 6ish years.
But you need to keep that 2019 1st to ensure you get a young WR. If you don’t upgrade and add youth to your WRs, Barkley and Gordon won’t be enough.

Gordon for the 1.04 and 1.11

Ah I misread with the 1.01 as part of the trade here but still think its a fair price/definitely seems like you could use the picks

I’d try to push back on the 2019 first. Get him to drop it, or drop it to a 2nd, and I’d probably pull the trigger.