Dynasty trade help pleaseee

Looking for advice, got offered this trade he gets Julio Jones and Melvin Gordon and a first round pick next year, and I receive amari cooper and David Johnson. What do you guys think? It is .5PPR my other RB is Alex Collins my other WR are AJ green and Emmanuel sanders

i would do the deal personally

It’s one of those were it can go both ways. I like the Cooper and DJ side if you didn’t have to give up a first rounder for sure. But if you think you will compete this year and that will be the 1.11 or a late first, maybe try having him add his 2nd round pick to it and see if he bites. Just really depends on how much longer you think Julio has!

i don’t like the deal…!

not going into detail too much, but summary is…
you give up sure WR1 and RB1 for a potential (even you see it like “sure”) top4 of his position and major risk at WR…amari is too inconsistent and too big of a question mark! the 2019 first makes it way much worse in my opinion!