Dynasty trade help plz

I just got a trade offer to swap 1st Rd picks and second rd picks, along with an extra 5th Rd pick. I have the 4th ovr pick and he has the 6th ovr pick. So it would be 1st and 2nd Rd swap and I get an extra pick in the 5th Rd.

Anyone plz?

Is this for a new draft or is this for a rookie draft? Huge difference in the players we are talking considering moving on from 4 takes you away from Zeke/Saquon/Kamara/CMC which I would struggle with for a 5th round benefit.

This is for a dynasty startup league.

This is going to come down to your dynasty philosophy. A lot of people are starting to think that the high end rb is king at the top of dynasty startups; Chaney seems to be of this opinion. For me, outside of Barkley and probably Zeke, I would be taking Dhop and OBJ.

Rb value is very fickle: last year people were taking Gurley at the 1.01, and his value has tanked. This is by no means a one off; guys like Eddie Lacy and Jeremy Hill very recently went from can’t miss high end dynasty assets to complete trash over the course of a year. Meanwhile, the vast majority of top end dynasty wrs preserve their top end value year in, year out.

So if I’m you I’m taking this trade. I move up 2 spots in the 2nd, I’m gaining a 5th round asset which is pretty damn valuable, and I’m probably seeing OBJ fall to me in the 1st which I’m just pleased as punch about, or worst case scenario (for me), 2 of Davante Adams, Kamara and McCaffrey will be there to choose from.

So me, yeah I take the deal. But if you’re someone who needs one of those top end rbs, you probably stand pat.

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You need to smash the accept button right now.

Moving two picks up and down is nothing to add a player like M Sanders or E Engram.


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