Dynasty trade help

I’ve been offered martavis Bryant for Jordan Matthews and the 2.02. Current WR’s are Pryor, Meredith, tyreek, garcon, Aiken, Matthews, Lockett. I also own 1.08 and 2.06 if that means anything. Your thoughts? The upside of Bryant intrigues me

I would go for it since you have those other 2 picks. How many picks/round is your draft?

12 team 4 round. I own 4.1, 4.4

Update new offer is Marty b 3.10 for Matthews 2.02 and 4.04

I’d take Matthews and the 2 picks. Marty B is still a wild card imho and it seems like you have ample WRs (Pryor, Meredith my guy, and Hill to stabilize the team)


Yeah I guess that’s partially why I was considering it I’m a little unsure about my WR’s because there is no true one… but Marty is unpredictable… Doesn’t really solidify my core at all, just upside

I think Mathews and the 2 picks holds more value. I think Jordan is bound to have a good year and Marty B is too risky imo.

I’m also with Kyle, high risk with Marty B, take the picks and pick up some rookie studs and build your dynasty team for contention for the title for years to come :slight_smile: