Dynasty trade helpin

Which side do you like better in a ppr dynasty tightend premium???

A. George kittle and dj moore

B. Mark andrews and davante adams

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Easily side B.

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I’m actually leaning A. I see MAndrews as a bit of a fade (not that he will suck) this season. I like Adams, but I do not like DJ Moore less as a talent. Obviously QB is a difference for those two, but I think DJM does just fine this season. Kittle I see an uptick especially with Deebo injured and I think he is more important to how the team moves the ball.

I frankly do not think either side is bad, and it really comes down to preference IMHO, but my preference is for the A side.

Kittle is the clear consensus TE1. DJM is my WR3

Andrews is the clear consensus TE3, Adams is my WR4 or 5 depending on the day( completely understand if you

Just going off of this in a vacuum I’d go with side A. That being said, Andrews ceiling is TE1, and Adams ceiling is WR1 so you can’t really go wrong with either.