Dynasty trade : Herderson value check

Dynasty 12T ppr.
Gurly owner, missed Henderson at the rookie draft.
Would you pay up to get him ?
Was offered:
Give Godwin
For Pettis and Henderson.
Should I take it ?

Help Anyone ?

IMO I would take that deal. You don’t know if Gurley will be healthy or not & I believe Godwin and Pettis will end up about the same. Witch WR has the better QB between these 2?

I’d probably take the deal too but honestly Henderson is not locked in as the backup to Gurley. Everybody keeps forgetting about brown and kelly, frankly without gurley that backfield is a crap shoot.


It’s a pretty fair deal on paper. I feel Godwin could potentially fetch you more if you shopped him around

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Def try to get Godwin and Pettis. As stated, Henderson may not be the backup, and he isn’t a very consistent RB. Godwin and Pettis are talented and young, and WRs tend to last longer in the NFL than RBs.

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