Dynasty Trade - Higgins/Chark?

10 man 3 WR + Flex Dynasty league…

I had Tee Higgins on my dynasty league from last year, but I just recently drafted Jamar Chase. Obviously, I don’t like the idea of having them both. I’m being offered DJ Chark for Tee Higgins, do y’all think this is a good deal, or should I keep both and see how the season plays out to try and get more for Higgins?


Imho, since you have Chase already, accept it.

My reasoning is Higgins’ fantasy value has already taken a hit due to Chase being drafted. In addition CIN took him over a severe need in OL. Chase will be on the field and he has an established rapport with Burrow already.

On the other side, Chark has a much needed upgrade at QB. JAX did not draft a high WR (if at all). Chark is still the WR1 on the team, even with Jones Jr. being signed.

In my personal opinion, Higgins’ value is dropping and Chark’s value is rising. I would make the trade before it becomes hard to move Higgins for any decent value.

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I ended up taking the deal, and even picking up a future 3rd rounder, as well as, swapping my 2022 2nd round pick with one of the bottom 2 players in the league’s 2022 second.

Thanks for your input!