Dynasty Trade- Hill for Watson

Full PPR 10 team dynasty

I can trade Tyreek for DeShaun Watson straight up. However it is to my direct competition for championships.

My WR: Tyreek, Amari, Godwin, JuJu, Ty Williams, Mike Williams, Slayton, Lazard

My QB: Wilson, Darnold, Bridgewater, Hill

His WR: MT, Lockett, mclaurin, Samuel, James Washington, Goodwin, perriman

His QB: Lamar, Watson, Jones, Stidham

He also has CMC, mixon, Kerryon, and singketary as main RB

Is that a good or bad price?
Is it silly to trade with my direct competition?

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If its a 1 QB league I would hold on to Tyreek.

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It is one QB. I’m just nervous about if Wilson gets hurt I don’t have a proven, reliable QB

1QB I’m not doing it. You’ll be fine with your other QB. Not as good as Wilson, but still fine. I am high on Darnold and Bridgewater. They should at least not kill you. Tyreek can win entire weeks.

No! If you did do that I’d at least ask for a 1st & Watson for Hill.