Dynasty Trade - How did I do?

What up guys? I made a trade last night and wanted to get a feel of how I did.

I am a contender trying to hopefully make a push to go back to back and the trade was:

I gave 2 late 2022 1st rounders to receive Terry Mclaurin.

I know he may not be the best to close out the season, but he should be my WR3 behind davante adams, and pittman. I feel like it was a good move to get a fairly young WR who has definitely shown some upside while still helping my chances this season.

So what is the verdict? Did I do alright?

You gave up 2 top rookies to get an underperforming Wr with bad QB. He also is kind of old to still be on a rookie deal. I agree that he makes a great Wr 3. The chance that both of those players are worse then Terry seems not worth it