Dynasty Trade Hunt for Michel and Howard

I have a trade offered to me…I would be receiving Sony Michel and Jordan Howard for Kareem Hunt…my other RBs are Mccafrey and Tevin Coleman…I like the trade cuz I get more depth…but what do you think about the value??

Forgot to mention it’s .5 PPR

I would stand where you’re at. You’re essentially trading hunt for Howard and a big question. If you like Sony that’s one thing, and I won’t say you’re wrong because I honestly haven’t looked to deeply into him this year.

The way that I look at this trade is that you’ve got a matchup based starter with rb1 upside if Chubb goes down compared to an rb2 who won’t get any passing work. Sony, to me isn’t worth the look because of a lack of accurate information.

Depth for the sake of depth doesn’t mean anything if the depth players only bring home 3 pts per week (outside of some circumstances like where your otherwise stacked at all other positions etc…).

In a half point PPR league I would take this trade. RUNNING backs are more valuable than pass catching backs now. Howard isn’t going to be the pass catcher in MIA, but will be the bruiser with good TD upside.

Sony has proved that he can be successful. However, I am a little nervous with the retirement of their FB, who was used as a primary blocker for Sony inbetween the tackles two years ago. Sony is another guy that will not catch a lot of passes but could be a strong RB2 if he stays healthy and gets utilized, (which I see happening with a young QB in Stidham). Sony’s TD upside is capped because he plays for NE and there’s no way to ever tell how many TDs the backs get with that offense.

Hunt is a great back in a good situation. Do I love him? No, Chubb is the featured back there and Hunt is the change of pace back. He’ll get the receiving work but not a lot of work on the ground. He could get moved to a better situation sometime this season, or next offseason but who knows. There’s another influx of good RBs in the 2021 class so will Hunt get a good spot?

I like Howard and Sony moreso than Hunt.