Dynasty Trade Input: Gurley/D. Samuel for Watkins/Boyd

In first year of a dynasty and didn’t come out of the draft with strong RB starters (basically looking at Michel and McKinnon at this point for my RB1 and RB2).

I’m pretty deep at WR, so I’m going to make some offers around our league (12tm HPPR) to try to upgrade my RB slot(s).

What are your thoughts on trading Gurley/D. Samuel (me receiving) for Watkins/T. Boyd? The Gurley owner is pretty set at RB (A. Jones, Drake, and T. Cohen, plus bench) but not deep at WR, plus he drafted A.J. Green and T. Hill.

Would it be better to package Michel with one of those guys?

I would do that yes. Buy low on gurley now

I think if you can pull that off you should absolutely take the deal.

The amount of potential upside you gain in that trade is tremendously more than your league-mate.

Unless they are a contender looking for immediate help at WR (which Deebo could still potentially provide) AND also extremely worried about Gurley, they would be nuts to take it, IMO.

Michel makes it more interesting I think, but tbh I’d only even think about it with all three.

If i got that as a gurley owner, wouldn’t even warrant a response.