Dynasty trade. Is this too much for CMC

12 team ppr league.
Start 3 WR, 2RB,TE and 2 flex

I trade : OBJ, David Montgomery,Marvin Jones
1.01,1.06, 2.01,3.01

I receive : CMC, Brandin cooks, Desean Hamilton, Cam Newton, Jonnu smith

My team below
QB: Stafford, rivers, Teddy

WR: Diggs, Fuller, Shepard, Tyrell Williams, agalor, treaquan smith, desean Jackson

RB: berida, kerryon Johnson, penny,Jeff Wilson jr, Darrell Henderson, Chris Thompson, Lesean mccoy

Te: gronk, McDonald, njoku, Josh Oliver

Do I blow up my draft and team for this trade??

The guy I’m trading with has no picks in the draft. I would only be left with the 4.01.

CMC is amazing… But is my team too crippled in this deal or should I do it?? Or ask for future picks from him or other players?? This is such a hard trade to judge for me


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Any advice?

I love me some CMC but I wouldn’t do it with your team. I’d keep the early picks to build for the future. See if you can deal OBJ to go after a different RB that’s solid but no so crazy expensive. Trade your 2nd round picks if people are interested to get some depth.

Just my 2 cents. Hope its helpful!


IMHO, not taking that trade. It might be fair for a deal with CMC, but I am not interested at that price. You add one RB (who is legit #good) and a potential TE. The other two are not worth it. You lose a top end (or so I think) WR, a fine floor RB2/RB1 ceiling, really strong FLEX WR and two instant contributors, plus a good swing at 2.01 and even a shot at 3.01 if the draft breaks your way. I see you crippling your team to add one player of real value.

Looking at your team, and please take no offense, will likely not be stronger with CMC side of this. Adding the OBJ pieces back into your mix makes a team that has a shot, but more so a healthy core coming in as rookies.

I know everyone froths for CMC, but he is not worth that give. At least not to me. Keep your guys and build your dynasty. My two cents, but I hope they help!


100% agree with the above two posts, and @octoberland has covered the points i would make regarding keeping your players and picks and adding a strong core in the rookie draft.


FWIW I can fully endorse @James89 take on this :wink:


100% smash decline, huge overpay, and this doesn’t make your team elite.

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Definitely agree with above. Your picks you listed, are those for a rookie draft this year? I think you have some nice options at rb if so!

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Just to tag on, you could go CEH with the 1.1, there’s a very strong possibility someone like lamb, Akers or even swift could fall to 1.6, with you having kerryon I would be staring down swift. With the 2.1 you could nab another strong potential wr, like a Pittman, Higgins, mims, maybe even raegor, or flip the script and grab tua or burrow to really give you a young and promising qb(kind of a reach but makes sense with your current team comp)

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