Dynasty - Trade Jacobs?

In a 14 team PPR dynasty league. Do you think it’s worth trading Jacobs now or holding on and hoping for a good season?

I’m currently being offered Jacobs for Sutton and a 2022 first and third round draft pick.

I’d personally jump on Sutton and picks for Jacobs given the uncertainty about his future workload. I think his value will at best level out but I think it probably begins to go down.

Jacobs will still be useful and in 14 team its hard to see him falling outside of RB2 range but I think with Drake on board he struggles to do much above low end RB1 as best case scenario.

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Agreed. I’d take that deal. He is young… but he is likely about to have areal bad year.
That is not going to help his value.

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Im a Raider fan and I traded him away. Deal was too good and his stock took a hit with Drake coming along. Also the Raiders O-Line got dismantled.

Trade was for Kelce - Gave up Jacobs, 1.10 and 2.5 (Dynasty 10 Keeper)

Even as a Sutton truther, I’m reluctant unless you’re deep at RB. Jacobs may not be the three-down back we were all expecting, but his workload is still hard to come by in the NFL. There are a number of WRs you can grab in Sutton’s tier, not so much the case for RBs in Jacob’s, especially in a 14 team where high-end RBs are even more important.