Dynasty - Trade Jefferson?

Possibly looking to trade Justin Jefferson for another top tier WR. Who would you prefer between Devante Adams and DK Metcalf.

I can probably get Devante a little cheaper with Rodgers future up in the air and I believe his contract is up next year meaning he won’t be stuck in GB even if Love starts this season.

League is PPR with 2 WR and 2 Flex

Currently have:

Justin Jefferson
Tyreek Hill
Robert Woods
Terry McLaurin
Josh Jacobs
Miles Sanders
Chris Carson
James White

Keep Justin Jefferson and trade Woods or someone else, u have Jefferson and Tyreek is kinda over powered. DK probably won’t be as good as Jefferson in the future and I would personally rather have Jefferson than Devanta in a Dynasty league

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In dynasty I’m happy to ride with Jefferson for the foreseeable unless someone wants to make me an offer that is just silly. I’m really comfortable with him being my wr cornerstone over the next years.

I’d love Adams and Metcalf, but I’m fine with not moving and knowing my guy will probably be slightly better every year for the next five.


Keep Jefferson unless you can get an insane haul.