Dynasty Trade Jones/ Adams

I have made a trade proposal Adams and Penny for jones and drake in a PPR league. Who wins in this trade?

I think it depends who becomes the lead back for Green Bay’s high powered offense haha. For me though, I would rather have Penny than Drake so that side wins in this moment

Aaron Jones or Ronald Jones?

It’s definitely important to know which Jones you’re referring to. Could even be Julio based on what you’ve told us.

Looking at it, no matter if its Aaron, Julio, or Ronald, I would side with Adams and Penny. I think Penny is better than Aaron Jones, Ronald Jones, and Drake. I also think Adams will rival or surpass Julio this year; plus, he’s younger.

Forgot to put Julio Jones

Still, I think Adams and Julio will be very similar in redraft this year; and, because of age, Adams is more valuable in dynasty. Plus, I like Penny more than Drake. So, I like the Adams/Penny side more.

Appreciate the response. It was so close that my deciding faxtor was being able to stack Julio with Matt Ryan and get double points. It will help if Julio gets more than 3 touchdowns this year.

Thanks again