Dynasty trade - just been made an offer

Half point, 12 team dynasty superflex. I got Dobbins in the draft and the Ingram owner has offered Ingram for my Guice and 3.09.

Would you accept? I’ve always liked Guice and don’t want to let him go but this seems a good offer to me. I finished 4th last year and have hopes of going all the way in 2020.


Since your team has a good shot at the title I would do this trade, but Guice is worth more than Ingram is, so I would see if you can trade Guice for his 3rd round + Ingram or just do the deal Guice for Ingram. I like Guice too, but he definitely has risk attached to him and they just drafted Gibson who I think will also play RB for Washington, which is already a crowded backfield (Peterson, Love, Barber). Ingram has a very limited shelf life now that Dobbins was drafted so if the owner won’t do the deal I wouldn’t overpay for him.

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I would just mirror everything you said. I agree.

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I personally think if you’re going for it all this year you keep Guice.

I want to refer everyone to Gus Edwards last season. When he got to play behind Ingram he was explosive. Dobbins won’t start at first, but he will be utilized down the road when he will be able to make a difference for your team. I’m talking week 14, 15, 16. Playoff, when Ingram is beat up, or getting saved for the playoffs Dobbins will shine.

Ride the Guice train this year, it’s his time to shine (Remember Frank Gore had two knee surgries coming out of USC as well so Guice is fine), he looked good last year when he was healthy.

Just as an update, I rejected the trade and he came back with an offer of Ingram for my 3.09 and a 2021 2nd. I accepted that immediately - had someone told me I’d end up with the Ravens back field last week I’d have been thrilled!

Good deal for him has well because he’s in full rebuild mode.

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