Dynasty Trade? K. Allen/D. Henderson - Theilen/Hunt

We just started a 10 man dynasty league. It’s half point PPR and I’m currently the owner of K. Allen and D. Henderson. Today I was offered A. Theilen and K. Hunt in a 2 for 2 trade. Was hoping to get some outside opinions! Thanks in Advance!

If you’re the Gurley owner is Allen and Henderson.

If you are not the Gurley owner it’s Theilen and Hunt.

agree with the above

I’m taking Allen and Henderson and I don’t even think it’s that close. Regardless of whether or not you’re a gurley owner. If anything, I’d rather have the Henderson side if I wasn’t a gurley owner cause more upside.

Thanks for the replies. So your thinking Henderson will be a higher value RB next year then Hunt?

Any other opinions?

With Chubbs there Hunts value has serious questions. Chubbs has three years left on his contract at next to nothing, Hunt shows a fondness of beating women. I’d be careful how much value you put on him. We really don’t have enough info though I like theilen as the best player in the group not necessarily today but due to age and ability he has more left in the tank than Allen, but we need to know what your RB depth is…… otherwise its to close to call if you have a solid RB 2 already then do it

help me please

Here’s is my current roster:

Big Ben

K Ballage
T Montgomery
J Howard
D Henderson
A Mattison

T Williams
K Allen
J Washington
C Beasley
A Miller
D Samuel
K Johnson

Z Ertz

Due to it being a dynasty league, I’m leaning towards Theilen’s health and opportunity possibly out weighing K Allen after 2+ season are under my belt. And the possibility of Hunt being on another team next year and possibly becoming a work horse again…

I like Allen over Thielen but I also like Hunt over Henderson.
Although Allen has injury concerns, he’s a talented player and gets consistent volume. Thielen gets consistent volume as well but his team has made it clear that they want to run the ball more.
I’m the Gurley owner in my league and I didn’t draft Henderson because he’s not Gurley’s handcuff, Brown is. There’s a reason why Brown is getting the first string treatment and why Henderson is still fighting for a roster spot. His numbers are awful, he is struggling with blocking abilities, and Sean McVay has already said that his job will be a change of pace back if he beats out the other RBs currently ahead of him on the depth chart. Hunt has the opportunity to be a 3rd down back in Cleveland and get the passing opportunities. He also will most likely go somewhere else at the end of the year.