Dynasty Trade Lev Bell for DeAndre Hopkins?

We are transitioning our keeper league into a dynasty league. We each have two keepers. My two keepers are Lev Bell and Alvin Kamara.

Would you trade Lev Bell and the 1.11 pick (basically 3.11 with the keepers) for DeAndre Hopkins and the 1.8 (3.8)

I love Bell, but who knows what happens with him next year and Hopkins should be money for awhile. Thoughts?

I would see what other people are doing in your league. Most people when starting a dynasty league start looking for the future and not for the current year. If you can win this year I would keep Bell since Wr is deeper at the top. If you are planing for the future then I would take hopkins.

I’d say do it and replace Bell with the best RB available at 1.8.

That’s my thought too. I’m also trying to trade Kamara and the 14th overall to get Fournette and the 4th overall. There are players like Saquon, AB, Hunt and Adams still in the mix. If I could come out of the first round with Hopkins, Fournette, Hunt/Mixon, and Adams/Diggs I’d be pretty pumped for dynasty.