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Dynasty Trade: Le'veon Bell


So my running backs in my dynasty league include David Johnson, Le’veon Bell, Tevin Coleman, and Derrick Henry. Given Bell’s recent groin injury and surgery, and the discussion about his workload going forward, I’m thinking about trading him. Should I, and if I do what should I reach for?

I’ve gotten two offers so far:
Mariota, Howard, and Brandon Marshall or Devonta Freeman and Amari Cooper.


The Cooper package is WAY in your favor.

Depending on team needs that might be the way I lean.

The 3-for-1 isn’t too far off on value, I might see if you can get someone other than Brandon Marshall personally.

I’ve got DJ and Bell in my dynasty league, and I’m not looking to move him for the next couple of years at all.


i like the idea of trading him for some security. how are you on WR? because im assuming with those 2 you either got lucky, or you have paid a hefty price for them. and of the 2 trades i like freeman and cooper. gives you a steady point getting guy in freeman, and the boom of cooper. essentially a late first rounder, and a mid second guy. i would love to get howard from that guy, but not paired with mariota and a crapshoot like marshall. if you can get him to up his game on that trade i would go with that one.

but i also have the unpopular opinion this year of avoiding bell. i dont know what it is, i just cant seem to make myself ever reach for him because i really dont think he will play that much this year. he is the foster of 5-8 years ago what ever it was. you love to have him on your team when he plays… but the question is how long will he play this season?


My 1 and 2 are Allen Robinson and Tyrell Williams. I did pay a heavy price for DJ and Bell in my auction draft. My receivers aren’t great. Malcolm Mitchell and then a bunch of guys I’m dropping for the rookie draft.


I’m not sure how you could give up Le’Veon Bell. Unless you’re getting OBJ, you’re better served to keep Bell.


Both offers are in your favour I’d be tempted by the freeman cooper trade unless my QBs were old and mariota provided a youth injection at the position


Take Freeman and Cooper and run


I would absolutely do the Freeman and Cooper trade. Not so much the other one, though.


I have Winston and Wilson at QB, so Mariota doesn’t provide much of an injection. But it is a 2 QB league, and I only have the two. It’s difficult to even stream the position because a few guys in my league drafted 4 QBs instead of the usual 2 or 3.