Dynasty Trade M.Thomas/Chubb for Cook/Davis

1pt ppr 10 man

D.Cook C.Davis for Michael Thomas Nick Chubb

My problem is this gives me a good flex option. My Current starting lineup is Luck/Gurley/Zeke/Hopkins/Evans/Thomas/Gronk then my flex is either Kelvin Benjamin or Devante Parker or Cohen. With this I downgrade at Wr but shore up my rb3/flex.

I’d take Thomas and Chubb

Thomas and Chubb for me.

It’s a fair trade.
I would take it if you are low on Chubb. I think the trade improves your lineup this year (scoring total wise), but it may not be the same next year if Chubb gets the starting job.
Either way you have a great young core, so this is a matter of preference.

I personally would take it, but I can’t argue with anyone that feels otherwise cause it’s really close.

Thanks Fellas

Ridley instead of Chubb make a difference

I’m not moving Thomas… Zeke/Gurley/Hopkins/Thomas is LETHAL…

While I do like Cook and Davis as players I think it’s a downgrade overall in terms of your starting 5.

With it being 1pt ppr I would go Thomas/Chubb. Long term Cook may end up being the better option as Thomas is dependent on Drew B and that offense.
But to be playing for now go Thomas/Chubb.

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