Dynasty Trade McCaffrey - Would love some help!

Is this too much to give up for Christian McCaffrey?

Fournette, Drake, and a First? Won the ship last year so that pick shouldn’t be too good. My team is stacked but don’t want to kill my depth.


It’s a 12 team half ppr dynasty league with 3 flex.

My starting lineup right now is:
Jameis Winston
Ezekiel Elliot
Leonard Fournette
DeAndre Hopkins
Davante Adams
George Kittle
Aaron Jones
Kenyan Drake
Amari Cooper

As a CMC owner, I wouldn’t consider that trade for CMC. Fournette is a 100% fade for me personally, I won’t no part o,f him. You’re offering a RB who can’t stay on the field, an unknown on a garbage team, and a dart throw for what is a top 3 arguably #1 dynasty asset.

If that offer is available and on the table, you should smash accept.

Side note, your team is hella stacked. Got a lot of great studs there.

As a CMC owner, I wouldn’t consider a trade from you unless it included Nuk or Adams.

Haha I knew I liked you @MikeMeUpp! I was offered that trade and actually accepted it about 5 minutes after I made this post. All my trades are trading my young potential and draft picks for proven and still pretty darn young talent. I’m not super experienced with dynasty but I’m basically going in to each year just seeing my draft picks as trade assets and going from there!

OMG! You getting CMC out of that = you won. That is stealing. Glad you hit accept before they could really think about it.

I picked up Whitey McPanther for Fournette/Antonio Brown earlier this offseason… you got him cheaper than I did :smile:

So my starters are crazy… just struggling with depth right now. Would you seek out a 1 for 2 type trade for one of my studs or keep it as is? My last flex spot right now looks like a rotation of Dede, James Washington, DeVante Parker, Damian Harris, Mark Andrews, Jack Doyle.

In. A. Heartbeat. Get CMC!

Keep as is. Your team is going for the chip barring multiple significant injuries. You have 2 of the top 5 RBs in your RB slots, in my eyes the WR1A and the WR1B in Adams and Hopkin so the top scorers there. You’r erocking cooper who is a low WR1 and Jones who has top 8 upside easily. Then you got the 2nd best TE in football. Who cares what your 3rd flex is. If I was rocking that line up, I’d be happy sitting my defense and my last flex and still feel comfortable coming out with the W in any given week. Just go and grab a couple cuffs and role players / deep stashes and you’ll be fine.