Dynasty Trade - ME 4 TH

Would you trade Mike Evans for Tyreek Hill?

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Why would you ever do that straight up? Evans is a prototypical WR1 on a team without much competition and just one year removed from being the overall WR1. Hill is a great player, but with an unproven QB and has Kelce to compete with for passes. Don’t let a single year slump change how you feel about your great players


I would think about this, but I think you can get more. Evans will rely on a bad offense, but he has much more RZ usage. Hill is on a great offense, but he is not the WR1 and he is hardly used in the RZ.

Can you brad an RB or another WR as well?

I think that I could get a first rounder next year as well. I should mention that this is a dynasty league so I really like Evans. How does that change your thinking?

I personally want to keep Evans but I tend to fall in love with my own guys.


no, and here is why. tyreek hill was forced into a WR1 roll last year. and even then he was spuratic. because he is a gadget guy. now he has watkins there, which pushes hill to the number 3 behind him and kelce. hill will still be productive, but i think more towards what he really is. a big play specialist. he can do other things sure, but when you think tyreek, do you think routes? or do you think just running by everyone with pure speed? mike evans had a bad year, but even then it wasnt awful. it just wasnt what was expected. still broke 1000 yards, and kept his high low TD trend true. so people are down on him because of the price they paid for him. but i dont usually trade guys that are the 1 on their team, for a guy thats the 3 on another team. could work out, probably wont. but you have to believe like i do, that hill gets pushed to number 3 in KC.


This is different in dynasty, @BusterD, I agree with parts. I think it is a bit of a hot take to say that Hill will be the #3. Kelce and Hill had the same amount of touches.

Also for Hill, there is speed, and then there is Hill speed. He gets the ball into space and he is gone.

However, In dynasty you should keep Evans, Hill loses a step and he won’t be the same.

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Mike Evans all day long. Not even close. Don’t let your love of your guys get in the way of you WINNING!!

However if you have to do it I’d want Reek + PickS for my stud, proven, WR1.

Also Mike Evans production was down last year yes (I was an owner), but you have to consider Winston was playing hurt for the majority of games, and Evans was also suspended.

~Side note: I don’t think Reek will be the #3 behind Watkins or Kelce either. I think he will have more yards and probably TDs than Watkins (who is new into the system).


Not at all close. ME all day.

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What’s different in dynasty? I didn’t say anything about it not being dynasty so im confused as to what you mean.

A lot of people think that’s a hot take and honestly I’m surprised by that. They paid watkins WR1 money. In fact top 4 WR money. That tells me they plan to use him in that role. So I dont think he eats into kelces roll, and I think we use him like we should, as a field spreader because like you said. There is speed, and then there is tyreek the freak speed. So spread the ball with hill, use the middle of the field with kelce, watkins gets everything else pretty much. It really does shock me how no one agrees with me on this. And I mean pretty much no one. I have had one person legit agree with me lol. I dunno it’s just shocking.

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@Jwatson added that it was dynasty, that changes my opinion from redraft. I think Evans holds up longer.

Hill is no longer a gadget guy, his technical skills are right there with top 15 WRs. I like him more.

The issue with Watson is that he has one good season, one season with 16 games, one season with 1000 yds, and I want to see it before I give him the keys to the kingdom. Hill is a guaranteed 1000 total yards, and 8 (+or- 1) total TDs.

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ahh ok that makes sense. my answer was the same either way lol.

He is more technically sound, but I wouldn’t put him as a top 15 technician. its a big jump that he made, thats for sure. and it looks impressive, but he still has a lot of work to do on that to be top 15. at least from what i have seen. which, is a lot as a chiefs fan lol.

problem is, im not giving him the keys to the kingdom. the chiefs did. sure, if he gets injured (which im not worried about because i believe his foot is healed) then he will be a bust of a pick. but i didnt pay him behind only AB, evans, and hopkins. the chiefs did. they paid him like he is going to get those kinds of numbers. not saying he will, but thats what they are paying him for. to be the WR1.

i would say hill is locked for 8+ TDs, but 1000 yards im eh on. he could dont get me wrong, but i dont see how the yardage gets spread around like that. im giving sammy 1000+. kelce is right around 1000. kareem will get his share, and so will conley and company. so lets say its 500 for kareem, 500 for conley, and 500 for everyone else which i think is reasonable. that would put the projections for mahomes in the 4500+ range. which i think is possible, but not likely. so i have hill more around 700 to 800, 60 receptions, and about 8 TDs like you said. and even then im not fully comfortable with saying mahomes is getting 4200+ yards, but thats just kind of how i see it playing out. my big fear is that its my hommer in me talking. but honestly, i really think thats going to be how it plays out. i believe in the talent mahomes has, and i believe sammy to be far superior to hill. except for speed, but even then sammy isnt exactly slow either.

i will say, once i pay up on our other water bet, im more than happy to do another for hill VS watkins.

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I think there’s is enough here that I do not have much to add as pro / con. For me, though, it is even and I might lean hill with the first round thrown in as mentioned.

I think TB is spoiled with talent and Winston is struggling to prove he had the mettle. I do like him, but I do not see how KC is less appealing for Hill due to adding only Watkins when TB had two valuable TE, three plus valuable WR and some pass catching backs. I am concerned that Evans might not get the love everyone just gives to him especially with Winston seemingly not quite firing on all cylinders.

Would that make me not want Evans? Nope. I do like him. But it does make me think Hill plus first round pick is not a horrible value.

In the end, I do like Evans and Hill. I even like Winston and hope to get him cheap in my dynasty. There is win / lose scenarios for both. I might lean Hill + a first but not a slam dunk. If you are into Evans, I do not think you should make the trade. Winning with your guys feels better than losing to them :wink:

I hope any of this helps!


Evans is much more likely to be a top 24 wr for the next 5-7 years. Maybe more. Winston was still good last year before the injury he just has more options now so Evans doesn’t get peppered with targets like 2 years ago. hill doesn’t have a skill set that’ll have prolonged success. Maybe he reforms his game as he gets older but Evans I think is safer


I can see that, definitely. IMHO Hill is much better technically than many think. I see him as more than a gadget guy.

IDNK about lifespan for either, but I am not sure if I can see more long-term value in one over the other. I see the biggest future variable as mahommes and how he plays. If he is what people think, I think Hill just got a big boost.

Again, though, both have great potential and upside. I would just lean hill and a first.

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Yes if Hill comes with two draft picks. Otherwise I’d laugh at that trade offer.

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@BusterD, I’ll take a waterbet on that. Now for Hill I am talking about all purpose yards though. He has done it two years in a row. In 2016 he was the 4th on that team behind Maclin, Conley, and Kelsey. In addition, Ware had 33 receptions.

@octoberland, I like Evans but he is not a top tier receiver like many believe him to be. He is good against zone coverage, but average against others. Good at contested catches. He will be top 15 for a while, but reliant on TDs to move into top 10, top 5. I would rather have a 2 for 1 with proven players rather than draft picks.

you talking running and catching? or return yards too? because if its running and catching ill take that bet.

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Not return yards, but return TDs will factor in. You have yourself a waterbet sir. Hill vs Watkins, total points?

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ill take total points hell yeah. you want HPPR or PPR? either way is fine with me but if its close it might matter.


Oh interesting…yeah my league is standard (i know I am working on it). I can roll with 1/2 point, meet in the middle.

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