Dynasty Trade: Michael Thomas

I’ve been offered my Michael Thomas for Dalvin Cook and Kenny Golladay.

I really like Cook, but am not so sure about Golladay. Also, is that enough for Thomas? It’s 1.0 PPR scoring.

My team just missed the playoffs this year, so I’m close to taking a step up, but not necessarily in “win now” mode.

My current RB and WRs:

RB: Joe Mixon, Peyton Barber, Charles Sims, Chris Thompson, Donnel Pumphrey
WR: Thomas, Allen Hurns, Devin Funchess, Mike Williams, Tyler Boyd, Amendola, Carlos Henderson

Appreciate the input…

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Hey bud!
I would say that’s a no go. Mike Thomas will be a stud for a long time, and even though I love Dalvin Cook, you should ask for more than Kenny G to make that happen.
What other WRs the other team has that you can counter with instead of KG?


Agree. I tried to up the ante, but couldn’t find anything that worked. I’m a Vikings fan, so had my purple-colored glasses on for a bit. Hard to separate fandom from fantasy sometimes…

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Vikings fan here as well. Cook is awesome. But full PPR Mike Thomas has a lot of value.
Maybe do it for Cook, KG and a future draft pick?

That’s pretty close. Both your WR and RB positions need a bit of help but your RBs look a bit more depleted than WRs. This trade would obviously flip that.

I actually prefer to have my strength at RB over WR becuase it’s a bit easier to stream and replace WR points week to week than it is RB. I know that Kenny G is pretty close to worthless, so it’s almost just a MT for Cook straight up deal. I might try and replace Kenny G with something that has just a bit more value (draft pick or player), but if you can’t do it I think I would still probably take the trade. Even if you can’t find a 2 for one deal that works, try throwing in another piece on your end to get back a better 2nd piece (so like MT and Amendola for like Cook and his WR2ish…something along those lines)

Either way, this trade is close enough where I couldn’t fault anyone for not doing it and just staying put. How’s that for sitting on the fence.


I would not make that trade. M Thomas is worth more then Cook and Golladay.

However, I would look to flip Funchess while his value is high. I’ve seen him go straight up for a first.

Interesting note on Funchess - didn’t think about going for a 1st.
I was offered 2.06 and Matt Breida for Funchess. Haven’t decided yet…