Dynasty Trade Mike Williams for Kenyon Drake?

Our league is full ppr,1 qb, 3 wr, 2rb, 1 te, 2 flex.

I’m pretty stacked at wr plus I have Kelce.

My starting 2 rbs are Kamara and Mack, but I’m pretty thin at rb after that. I have Hines, Breida,McGuire, T Cannon, Justice Hill just to name a few.

It’s been really hard to get another rb in a trade, it’s a 12 team league. Everyone values players differently. Should I wait and see how the offseason plays out with my bench rbs or should I make the trade?

Is it an even trade or should I ask for more? Should I wait and see if the value for Williams increases as the season moves along?

Thanks in advance!

I get your dilemma, I’m tempted to say take the trade, but honestly t’s really close. I do think - finally - Drake is going to be something this year. I’m really high on Mike Williams (like most people), so I’d probably say no if you weren’t so stacked at WR. Have you tried asking him for another piece (or draft pick) to sweeten the offer?

I am a Drake truther. So I value Drake a lot but in the current environment, you can get more than just Drake for Williams. Should honestly be able to get at least a 2020 2nd in addition.

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FWIW, in full pt. ppr redrafts, Drake is going more than a full round before Williams. Drake is the first pick in the 4th and Williams is the 2nd pick in the 5th.

Age-wise, for dynasty purposes, they’re both in their mid-20s, with Drake being 9 months older.

I think Drake’s a value in this trade.

And I really like him to exceed his value this year and possibly be a league-winner.

Plus, generally speaking, performing RBs are always more valuable than TD-dependent receivers.

I’d take this deal and be happy with it rather than trying to squeeze more out of it, especially since, as you say, you’re pretty stacked at WR.

In dynasty, Williams goes full round ahead of drake so the redraft round is actually pretty irrelevant here. I actually love Drake but there is high risk of replaceability by next year’s class.

And by most DTC values, WIlliams value is more than double Drake’s. And The hype of williams is very real right now. Honestly should be able to get more.

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Replaceability is a huge factor I hadn’t thought of.

Nikao, don’t listen to me! Listen to Mike!

I love Mike Williams. But Drake is literally going to be the best talent on that offensive side. He is going to be a one man band. Take the trade and smile while you do it.