Dynasty trade (Mixon and Henry)

Who wins this trade? I feel the Henry side is overpaying. It’s a full PPR league with 3 flex spots plus one SuperFlex spot. It is an 8 man league so there are guys like Minshew and Rivers in FA.

I know Henry is great but I just have a bad feeling with him on my team. I did offer Henry, Wilson, and Brandin Cooks for these two and this was the counter switching Parker for Cooks. I personally don’t like Parker either but I feel I could get more.

And I adopted this team, so I’m trying to form it into a team I would like.

In dynasty: mixon over Henry, still Wilson over Jones and Parker is okay.

I think you’re over paying quite a bit but that’s just my opinion.

Wilson, Parker, Henry side by a big margin for me.

Yeah I guess it’s just a lost cause with this guy. I offered Wilson, Henry and Cooks but that was rejected and he changed it to Parker. Thanks for the info.

thats too much to give up for mixon and jones. wilson and henry are still going to be beast next year. idk why everyone is writing off henry for whatever reason but he will have 15+tds again. wilson is young and seahawks could look to air it out more this year since their defense is going to b trash.

I agree with Wilson. And yes Henry is a beast. I live right outside of Nashville so I see it everyday haha idk I guess I’m just overthinking it.

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