Dynasty trade need opinions *Julio*

Okay so trying to trade julio early before he goes on the big body decline, currently being offered DJ Moore and the 1.07 in this rookie draft for julio. My only concern is the new qb and coach in carolina who knows if moore will be the focal point?

My other recievers are
Michael Thomas
Devante Adams
Courtland sutton
Michael gallup

Holy Crap- and you had Julio on top of all that?! Sheeeesh.

I feel like you need more for Jones. I mean the trade offer isn’t horrible but I would try to squeeze a little more.

I recently acquired Julio in a SF league and I gave up Robert Woods, Curtis Samuel, and my 1.07. With those receivers you already have, I would try to plug any other positional holes you have. That being said, if I were offered DJ Moore and the 1.07 for Julio, I would take it and run!


Thats my full roster i made some very good trades when mixon was down and cook was hurt so i dont have many holes, just trying to retool for some youth while staying a contender

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You’re right, not too many holes and starting lineups are somewhat small, in which case I would maybe stay put with Julio and/or try to get a stud TE. Like I said, I think the 1.07 and DJ Moore is more than fair – there is a bit more risk with the CAR situation but DJ Moore is also due for some positive regression and he’s JUST turning 23. You’re also a little susceptible with those RBs, as most have had some injuries before. You should be fine, but if two of them go down, you’d be in trouble

I would be totally fine with keeping him, but if you want to move him, I’d target another rb since you don’t have a lot of depth at that position. I think trying to get Kittle would be another option

What is this a 8 team league! Your team is stacked.



This is what we ended up with, thanks for all the input guys

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you killed this trade man, nice work

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As a Julio dynasty owner, I am with you (I also have Thomas, Godwin and Evans). Julio looked great and doesnt look like a big bodied 31 yr old … but I agree and am similarly trying to cash in on that while he still has top 10 WR value in dynasty. I like DJ + 1.07 and would run with that. Look at Thomas #s with Bridgewater last year, really solid. at 1.07 you get a really good RB or WR prospect.

Certainly see who has a good shot at a #footclantitle this year, and pitch the win now Julio trade.

Keep us looped in and let us know where you end up

agreed, smashed!! well done

Exactly what i did, the guy i ended up doing the trade with was a top 10 wr from being a contender and happened to have enough depth to move eckler so it worked out pretty well for the both of us i think


Just a liiiiitle more and you got it. Nicely done! Awesome move.