Dynasty Trade, need opinions

Hi there,

im playing in a 10 Team Dynasty League and contemplating trading James White and Mike Williams for Brandin Cooks, what do you guys think?

League format? Current roster? Lineup set up?

Standard Scoring, 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1Flex (RB, WR), K, Def, 11 Bench spots

QB: Cam, Dak, Murray
RB: Zeke, D. Cook, White, Guice, R. Jones, Breida, McKinnon
WR: M. Thomas, M. Williams, Allison, Isabella, DeSean Jackson
TE: Doyle, Andrews, Goeddert
K: Gostkowski
DEF: Jags

well, james white loses a ton of value in a standard. but mike williams gains all of it. and cooks isnt a TD monster, but i have to wonder if thats going to change with extra time in the offense. me personally since its dynasty i want to hold onto williams. because i believe in the talent and i believe he could be a monster, especially in a standard. but its also super hard to say no to what in my mind is basically a williams for cooks trade. so i think the only thing that would get me is what kind of mentality are you in? build for the future, or win now? build for future, i want williams. win now… cooks. which looking at your roster i would put you at win now.

Thanks for your advise, I had a similar thought process. I‘m in Win Now Mode, so I guess I will do the trade. Although I also don‘t see a big difference between Cooks and Williams in the long run, especially since they are only 1 year apart in age.

One year apart in age, but you know what you get with cooks. He is an established vet in an established offense. Mike William’s still has to prove who he is. And I love mike William’s, I am grabbing him everywhere. He is the type of guy that could be a year in year out WR1. But, he could also get buried on a deep roster. That’s all I meant by win now or rebuild.