Dynasty trade offer 12 man PPR

The trade offer is:
Give Mike Evans and a 2021 2nd and get DK Metcalf and a 2021 1st

My other receivers are D Adams, Hollywood, Sterling Shepard, Alshon, Stills, Conley, Tee Higgins and Van Jefferson.

Am I giving too much away with that? Very likely I will be in the bottom half due to my QBs (Darnold and Rodgers) and RBs (Ingram, Coleman, Jonathan Taylor, Breida). 2nd year of the dynasty and I’m still having a hard time putting a value to these players and picks. Thoughts?

Evans = 32 Early 2nd round =19, Total 51 points
Metcalf = 25 points Late 1st round= 24, Total 49
So that is a fair trade but you will have more upside if that 1st round you trade for turns into a top 6 pick worth 36 or top 3 pick worth 42.

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I agree with @Jutraw this is a pretty fair trade, I like the upside of Metcalf and that 1st more than Evans and the 2nd. I would definitely do this deal, especially if you think you will be in the bottom half of the league, you will have more time to let Metcalf develop along with the rookies that you grabbed. You might want to see if you can go to the Dobbins owner and trade Ingram for a middling QB to bolster that position as well, Ingram most likely won’t be worth much next year.

It’s Metcalf and the 2021 first for me all day long. Evans is great, an outstanding player. But he no longer has Jameis. He has Tom Brady now. That is an upgrade to most people, but Brady doesn’t have the arm he use to, and isn’t nearly as willing to throw those 50/50 balls to his WR that Jameis was. Evans still has WR1 upside, no doubt. But I believe that will be solely based off of TD, and now he has to fight Gronk for TDs in the 10yard and in. I would personally love to see TB12 come out and just start throwing 35+ yard dimes, but I don’t think it happens.

Metcalf is emerging as the #1 for his run heavy team. With a dominate QB still willing and able to chuck it downfield. Metcalf after the catch is also more lethal than Evans in my eyes.

Put some names to the picks and you’ll get ROUGHLY the same talent in next years draft around the same location.