Dynasty Trade Offer - Getting Ajayi

I am 8-1 and in the hunt for a title… RBs are a little thin (starting a duo of Jordan Howard plus Blount, Gore or D. Lewis) … deep at WR (Hopkins, Bryant, Fitz, Watkins, Agholor, Smith-Schuster, Cobb).

Was offered–

I give
2018 1st Rd Pick

I get
Jay Ajayi
2018 2nd Rd Pick (probably a fairly early pick)

Thank you in advance for the thoughts!!


That’s a no brainer to me. Typically I shy away from chiming in on dyntasy type trades, but this one seems like a homerun for you. You’ll have a late pick next year in round 1 (assuming draft order is set by prior year finishing position), and you’re getting an early round 2. So you move back what like 5 spots and get a guy that will help you win this year. Ajayi is easily your 2nd RB this year and you have enough WR depth so you won’t even feel the loss of JuJu

I disagree. Aksi is a short term rb. He has bad knees that could be over at any point. Juju is so young and appears (emphasis) on appears a super star. Wr are so tough to come by. You should not be giving up your first round pick

Couldn’t agree less with Mike (but that’s the beauty of forums I guess :slight_smile: ).

  1. You have a chance to win this season and that’s what you need to be playing for. If you perpetually only worry about next season you will never win. There is no question that Ajayi helps you win moreso than JuJu given your roster construction. No question at all.
  2. You have to look at where the draft picks are…it makes no sense to value all 1st round or all 2nd round picks the same. If you move back 4 spots to the early second, that’s not a huge deal. You can’t just say “you’re losing a first round pick don’t do it”
  3. We’ve seen one monster game from JuJu. On that team there are 2 position players that are target/touches HOGS and are the best at their positions. Ajayi is still an RB2 and RBs are always worth more inherently than WRs are in fantasy. Could JuJu turn out to be a stud RB1…yea I guess. But even if he is, it’s a fair trade to make if you can win the season this year.