Dynasty trade offer - help please

I receive: Damien Williams and Duke Johnson.

I send: 1.09 and a 2021 second.

Any thoughts? I’m tempted as I’m not solid at RB - currently have Cook, Guice, Penny, R Freeman, Peterson, Harris and Mattison. It’s basically a gamble on KC not drafting an RB, isn’t it?

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Correct. If KC drafts an RB you’re sunk on the trade. Wait until the NFL draft is done and then go from there.


For me it boils down to who you think you can get at 1.09 after the NFL Draft.

I’m assuming Damien would slot in as your RB2 unless Guice or Penny decide to spice things up this year. Another year of watching them wouldn’t hurt.

If you aren’t contending, I wouldn’t be in a rush to trade for the likes of Damien Williams or Duke Johnson. You can hold the 1.09 and get a potentially top notch receiver [entire first round is looking good] if no RBs fall to you.


Agreed with the other points here. I am not hot to make that move, and even if KC doesn’t take a player I am not sure it is Damien. But I look at that trade as giving up potential for more of the same.

FWIW, I am holding out hope Duke gets his shot. He’s a baller and if they use him, he could be a steal. Not enough to make me jump at the offer, but more an assessment on him as a player.

As well, I am looking at Guice to take a step forward that we have all been waiting for. Same with Harris. I have hope for them in 2020.

All might not be lost!

I just got him for the 3.7

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