Dynasty Trade Offer help

I am in a 10 team full point PPR Dynasty league, and someone is offering this trade to me:

I would give up:
Josh Gordon

I would receive:
Deshaun Watson

My Current other WR’s are:
OBJ, Garcon, Corey Davis, Robby Anderson, Cam Meredith.

My QB’s are:
Rivers, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan

Should I do this trade?

If it’s a 1QB league, I wouldn’t. Especially with your WR depth. Garcon is old, Robby Anderson is suspension bound, and Cam Meredith doesn’t have a team yet. You’ll be fine at QB with those guys you have. No need to give up a good WR on an emerging offense and a good rookie pick.

They’d have to drop the 2.03 for me to even consider this.

I would not do this trade, if he is looking for a wr then offer him Anderson for a late first or Meredith for the 2.8.

I would actually do the trade. Watson would be better than any of your other qbs and much younger. I don’t think Gordon will do much since he has proven to have a hard time staying on the field.

Watson looked really good for a very short amount of time, still showed real flaws, and hasn’t exactly show the ability to stay in the field in the pros either. He’s massively overvalued in dynasty leagues right now.

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I definitely wouldn’t if it’s a 1QB league. With the 2.03, he could pick up one of the better QBs in this class that could be better then Watson and keep Gordon. 2QB league i might think about it but i’d probably try drafting a QB higher in the draft and see if they can produce.

Thanks for your input guys. Decided to pass on the trade. Hopefully Gordon can produce like he used to.

Doesn’t looks like a good deal for you sir.

Good move passing. I know the Watson hype is tempting to fall into.