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Dynasty Trade Offer Jordan Howard


What exactly is Jordan Howard worth in a 12 team, PPR Dynasty League? I am in full rebuild mode so I am looking for picks and young players. I have been offered a 2018 1st and 2nd round pick and Alvin Kamara for Howard. Is that even remotely fair? I am thinking not.


you know, thats tough. because kamara is about 2 years out from starting. then a 1st and a second are all well and good, depending on who comes out to the NFL next year. ill tell you this much, usually when someone offers you three for one, its three things that are shit. now i like having a lot of picks but when i dont know the actual value of those picks it makes it harder. i say stay with howard. you know what you have with him. you have a guy who is basically the face of a franchise, who is a zone runner in a zone running scheme, with a fellow rookie (well not anymore) center who vibes off of each other really well. howard could easily regress this season, but in dynasty you have to look forward. i think he regresses, and then if the organization does this right, they build around him and he takes back off.


I echo most of what @BusterD said, but think Howard regresses in yards and positively regresses in TDs. If you are in rebuild I can’t imagine a better player to start the process with short of Zeke (hyperbole but you get it).


If you’re in rebuild mode I would take that deal. Kamara is going to surprise people. Clearly the Saints hate Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson is going to be a huge bust again this season. Kamara could be the starter by week 6.

Jordan Howard is on a terrible team and Alvin Kamara is on a great team. The picks and Kamara are just too sweet if you ask me and I would accept as quickly as possible!