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Dynasty Trade Offer


Trade offered to me for a PPR Dynasty:

Lamar Miller leaves
Doug Baldwin and Randall arrive

Take it, yes?


Randall Cobb


Not sure I could do that one. Cobb is a nothing burger for me.

If I needed WR help I’d consider it. Maybe see if you can get Baldwin and some other guy better than Cobb. If its his first offer, it’s probably not his best.


I’d keep Miller tbh


Nothing burgers are delightfully low in calories.

But I agree, in almost any league format, if I am trading away an RB, I want to be getting one in return. See if the team will swap Cobb out of the trade and give a low-value, high-upside RB in return.


But we need fat, greasy calories from our fantasy assets!!


I like it in a ppr. Having very serious doubts about miller. And Baldwin is a WR1


I would not make that trade with the limited info. You should be able to get better than that for Miller