Dynasty Trade Opinion (Beastmode)

Give: Zay Jones, Duke Johnson
Get: Marshawn Lynch

Give: Zay Jones, James Conner, 2018 3rd
Get: Marshawn Lynch, 2018 2nd

Do either of these sound fair? If so, which? I’m on the hunt for a RB2 and feel Lynch provides me that while also allowing me to go and grab Jeremy McNichols on the wire.

Haven’t played dynasty yet so take this how you want, but I feel like trading young, talented players and/or picks for an aging Marshawn, who could very well be washed up, isn’t a good idea. Zay Jones is an a pretty good position where not only are there not a lot of mouths to feed in that offense to begin with, but the WR lined up on the other side is one of the highest injury risks in football. James Connor, while he won’t give you great value this season with the exception of something happening to Bell, sounds like he has everything going for him to be something in this league. Trading possible talent for Marshawn just isn’t a risk I would personally take.

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Totally understood…I would have a tough time giving up Zay but love my team this year and think Lynch could put me over the top at even 75% of what he was. Other side of this is backs are so hard to come by in this league so almost every trade involving one seems to favor the rb owner even if he is older with only a couple years left. Tough choice I’m going to keep working on him!

Yah, I hear you. Good luck man.