*Dynasty trade* Opinions needed

I’ve been offered Baldwin and what will likely be a late first for Cooks. I’m a dark horse contender and my other WRs of note are Evans and Hogan (don’t love having two Pats WRs). I’d be getting significantly older at WR, but would pick up a solid asset and breakup an awkward (albeit productive) stack. Thoughts?

  1. How much do you value this upcoming draft class? Whod you plan on drafting with that pick?
  2. Baldwin second half is so unreal so if you think you have a good chance of winning, I think Baldwin helps that a lot

Cooks and hogan both have been performing well all season. Baldwin will be getting better but will be the same for next year, could you afford to start slow with him? I feel like cooks will have the same role if not increased next year. Hogan will probably see a bump down with Edelman coming back.

I think it’s a very strong and deep class, but it’s hard to say who exactly I’d take, not knowing landing spots. Probably a WR. Edelman will be 32 before next season. Him returning anywhere near what he used to be is far from a trivial matter. I think Hogan is as complete a WR as they’ve have in a very long time. Love Cooks too, but I don’t live having both of them, and that’s a very serious offer. Would love some more opinions, I’m still very torn.

Are you going to be able to weather a first half slump from Baldwin next year? Just seams like that’s always how it goes. I’m still unsure of what cooks Ceiling is though, he will be in a contract year next year. I don’t think we’ve seen his best game yet this season so it’s a tough call

I put 0 stock in first half/2nd half splits. I think the truth is that Baldwin isn’t consistent, and neither is that offense, as a whole. I’d know that going in, and I think I can weather it. My starting lineup is very strong, imo (Freeman, Hyde, Kamara, Evans, Cousins, Graham/Engram).