Dynasty Trade opinions wanted

I get Hunt, Burton, second round pick, third round pick

he gets (3) first round picks, tyrell williams, Adrian Peterson

I think it’s a relatively fair trade. However, if I have 3 firsts to trade, I’m going after a blue chip player. A first round startup type like: M Thomas, OBJ, Zeke, etc.

Like most trades this is team dependent. Are you a contender?

I am a contender, yes. So my (3) firsts for DJ? Straight up?

Or (3) firsts for Bell? Straight up?

My team, fyi

Or (3) firsts for Kamara? Straight up? LOL

Bell owner won’t. Kamara owner doesn’t sound like he will. Obj/ Zeke owner (same owner) I’m waiting for a reply. Give me your list of ppl you’d sell your (3) firsts for

My list shouldn’t necessarily equate to your list, but:

I personally wouldn’t for Bell in Dynasty. Love, love, love AB - but that would be hard too.

(3) firsts for AB?

Or it would be hard to give 3 for him? You’re saying

Yes, harder to deal 3 firsts for AB because of his age. He is/can-be a league winner though.

Would Zeke be a homerun in your opinion? I sent the DJ owner and offer:

I get DJ

He gets (3) first round picks, and Adrian Peterson.

With the Hunt deal does it help I’m getting the second and third plus burton? Vs nothing for the others?

As I said initially, it’s a fair deal. Just not the type of trade I personally would be trying to make.

How much do you like Alvin Kamara?..

I Looove Kamara. Think he might calm down when Mark Ingram returns. But dude is electric!