Dynasty Trade opinions: Zeke/OBJ for

I would get one of Zeke/ OBJ and i would give Aaron Jones, a future 1st and one of CMC/Melvin…

Is this too much? Which do I target and which of my backs to i give?

I like Odell as an asset straight up, but if you are giving up that haul, you probably need a running back in return, which would mean Zeke. I think the trade is relatively fair, but I personally wouldn’t give up that much. I think Gordon and CMC is already a great rb combo. I would give up CMC in the trade if you do it though.

Trade talks are currently in the early stages. He seems weary. I’d like to present a decent counter. I’m also worried about Melvin’s health (which is why I preferred keeping CMC but I do understand your preference as well.)

Here is my team, if it helps. Idk if I can go without one of those backs either. I’d prefer OBJ as well. But I agree, I may need Zeke more. I also have those 3 2019 firsts to worry about lol.

Side note, burton owner wanted Aaron jones for burton last night. IDK if that would make my team better now but im also not sure if thats fair for me…