Dynasty Trade Overpaying

I am overpaying for a pick plain and simple to me. I am giving Doug Martin, a third and next years first (that I’m hoping is the last pick) to grab another first this year. My thoughts are this, I love my current roster and am only using up to my 3rd round pick, so I don’t have to drop more than 3 of my current players. By trading Doug Martin, I open one spot, as he would have been my first or second drop candidate. By gaining the second first this year I might have a chance to pull a Blockbuster and gain the 1:01 to draft Barkley. If not I have 2 picks in a year that’s full of upside running backs, where next season is a weaker class at the position. So I guess I’m just wondering if my logic on overpaying checks out with you guys and gals of the Ballers community!!!

I like it, I think now is the time to unload Doug martin, and if you get two solid rookies this year (or 1 saquon) you can afford to miss next year’s first round. I say pull the trigger

Sweet. Nice to see someone like minded on the deal. I felt a little sheepish when the other owner sounded like he couldn’t believe his ears when I offered it up lol.