Dynasty Trade Pitts Dobbins

I am a Pitts owner in win now mode attempting to obtain Dobbins to lock up my RBs. I have tonyan and Everett at TE as well so I’m covered in the position.

Currently don’t like the counter offer below
He has obj is it asking to much to drop Moore and replace with OBJ.

In my opinion Pitts value in dynasty should be gigantic. I’d be interested in Dobbins but in my opinion this isn’t how I’d be targeting him. And given the asking price I’d be calling it a day on getting him. Its essentially two firsts and a potential starting RB. Please don’t bid against yourself would be my advice.

But if you do want to go for it then yes I’d want larger compensation than Rondale Moore. Ideally it would be more than Odell Beckham Jr too as I think he’s likely somebody the owner is quietly hoping has a strong market.

Edit - Everett and Tonyan are a solid te group if pitts was moved, but I would be wary of expecting too much out of them.

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I would agree with the above post, Pitts has massive value in dynasty. The trade you have on the table now is quite an overpay IMO. Who are your RB’s now? I would think that Pitts is going to have a better season than both Everett and Tonyan so ur giving up points at that position. So it really depends on who you have at RB now and how much point value you are trading away with Pitts compared to the point increase you will get for upgrading at RB position. Hope this helps and best of luck to ya, get that win!!!