Dynasty trade Q

Current team:
QB - Rivers
RB - D. Cook, Sony Michel, Royce Freeman, Latavius Murray, Guice, Duke Johnson, Mike Davis, Josh Adams
WR - OBJ, Kupp, Mike Williams, Amari Cooper, Will Fuller,
TE - Hunter Henry, Vance McDonald.


I was offered TY and Marlon Mack for Guice and D. Cook. I wasnt really interested. He threw in Chris Thompson and I still am not interested I dont think. I am looking to try and pair a couple RB for a good WR. Agree with the strategy or no?

You were right to avoid that trade for sure.

I actually like your WR core, OBJ is a stud and Amari looks like he may be more consistent with the Cowboys week to week and still has his high ceiling plus if Kupp is healthy you have a solid 3 every week plays there and all likely top 10 and top 20 finishers. Mike Williams and Fuller are nice pieces to have if they get hot and/or take a step forward again this year - it’s a decent group IMO.

RB wise Cook and Michel look to be good weekly starters with great potential and if Guice comes back healthy he should be fine after them it’s a shaky group for me.

Trade wise i’d wait and see if Duke gets moved to a decent team with clear opportunity and likewise see what’s going on with Lindsey’s recovery and what Freeman’s role looks like and if the chance to trade on some hype with Duke arises use that - Murray as well could end up somewhere decent and has been solid as a starter before and gets his TDs.

Personally depending on where your drafting in the rookie draft and who you are likely to get, and as it’s WR loaded i’d hold off for now unless the hype train starts rolling for Duke/Murray when free agency or trading begins or someone overpays for one of your stars.

I’d be looking to keep Cook/Guice/Michel and OBJ/Amari/Kupp though if possible but Guice and Kupp/Williams/Fuller would be the starting point for me to go after a solid WR if anyone would be interested but would wait it out ideally at least until the NFL draft and major FA/trades have concluded and see if i have anyone with increased value to use over those core guys.

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Thanks for a great response! I appreciate it. Im hoping that I can do something with some of those lower tier RB… whether it be a QB or something.

I traded away a first round rookie pick cuz I thought I was going to make a run last year looking at the layout, but it didnt pan out. So my first pick is 2.1 this year. Dont think many of the “worth while” rookie WR will fall to me, but still think I could put together a fairly decent starting roster rn.

H. Henry

Should win some games!

Thanks again for a great response. I am much more excited and feel I have a better direction with this team now going forward.

The other offer he keeps making is Guice for Edelman but I think I would prefer the young running back at this point.

Or Guice for Hilton or now Guice for brandon cooks

100% you don’t want Edelman - old WR tied to an older QB. Guice for Brandon Cooks is interesting as your getting a solid WR2 for an unknown RB in a situation that for 2019 at least could be bad at Washington.

Hilton for Guice is okay too, Hilton is on the older side but you get a fringe WR1 with a solid situation in Indy so he would be a safe flex play with your guys and Guice again carries injury risk and this year situational risk as well.

With no rookie pick and as you say very unlikely to get a top guy and it’s all a bit of a lottery after round 1 anyway I’d be tempted to go for Hilton as you have a win now type of roster.

Would he be interested in Freeman and Fuller for Hilton as or Duke and Freeman/Fuller for Hilton? Use the youth vs older player chat to help your case - If yes great I’d go for it but if not I don’t hate trading Guice for Hilton you get known production for unknown with injury risk and that’s a win for me.

Based on your roster as you say you should be (barring injury issues) winning a good number of games.

Just to add as I don’t think you mentioned and I didn’t ask if this is half or full PPR id go with Hilton for Guice more readily (still try a counter) as starting 4 WRs all main targets is the dream in your roster/format. Plus with Kupp I wouldn’t want Cooks as well really

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Yeah it is going to be full PPR. Im going to try and get the deal with Hilton. He wants Guice. Thanks sir!

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Yeah full ppr get Hilton and if not I don’t hate getting Cooks, I know you’ve got Kupp too but take the known and WR has more value in that format starting four stud/solid starters is the way to go - good luck