Dynasty Trade Question about Javonte Williams

I am going back and forth with a owner that owns Javonte and here is my trade proposal:

I get: Javonte Williams

I send: Travis Etienne and 1st round rookie draft pick 2023

Is this a fair trade or do I need to further sweeten the deal? I personally believe it is fine but the other owner seems to keep wanting to think about it

Overall, trades are subjective imho. It all depends on how you and the other owner values the player.

If you are a contender that will go deep into playoffs, then the offer you have given is more than fair, imho.

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Depending on the owner situation its a good offer. But i can imagine hesitancy if they think they can win this season or next.

At the end of the day, you gotta know the person you’re trading with. If an owner feels like they’re sitting on a gem, they’re gonna want a kings ransom for that person.

As for the trade; it’s not an easy question to answer because we’d need to know what position each team is in. Both contenders, both rebuilds, etc., etc. If I had javonte and were a true contender, I don’t think I would take it. If I was in a rebuild, of course I’d ask for more, especially if the 2023 1st was a potentially late round pick.

Lastly, I’m a N. Harris owner and had an owner try to offer me J. Williams for N. Harris and J. Chase with the logic that I’d get a RB 2 years young. Sometimes it just does add up.