Dynasty Trade Question - Alex Collins

Dynsasty Leage is 1/2 PPR start 2 RB, 2 WR 1 flex

Give Alex Collins get Tarik Cohen and Chris Hogan.

Would you do it?

I don’t think so. Not unless you just need the depth to compete this season. Collins has RB1 potential for several more years. Cohen will never be a RB1 in 1/2 PPR and Hogan’s outlook is up in the air post Brady.

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I would do that trade if you are playing and in contention.

Disagree with above. I think there is a slim to no chance of Collins becoming an RB1 in any year. He’s just an average talent. I’d be worried about Dixon cutting into his work load. I think its more likely his value goes down than up, especially as pre-season comes around whereas Cohen’s value can only go up in Nagy’s offense.

Definitely think Cohen has more dynasty value than Collins and I love Hogan as a value play to give you that potential WR2 / low end WR1 production for this year.

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I would do that deal as well. Not a big Collins fan and Dixon is still coming up behind. Cohen has a chance to have an 80 catch year in that offense and hogan is the top wr for 4 wks and has value moving forward. It does make a difference if you have to drop or cut another player to acquire the 2 however.

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I don’t see Collins as a potential RB1, and neither a bright future for him. I think he’ll be good this year until Dixon gets on rythm again. BTW, I have Dixon too.

The same applies for Hogan, except that I do think he has upside high-end WR2, but not that much of a future as a dynasty asset.

As for Cohen, I think he has dynasty value, but will struggle giving RB2 numbers while Jordan Howard is there. It’s a gamble waiting for Nagy’s offense to exploit him.

If the league is PPR or .5 PPR then I’d do it. Especially considering NE is reportedly shopping Malcolm Mitchell, Hogan could get more targets

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I accepted the trade. Thank you for all your comments. Good Luck this year people. #FootClanTitle